3 Tips For Creating The PERFECT DIY Lip Scrub Recipe!

23 May


You will never purchase a lip scrub AGAIN after watching these 3 DIY Lip Scrub recipe’s by Chriselle! I am head over heels for these lip scrubs since my skin and lips have been extremely dry and flaky the past couple of weeks.

I love how simple and natural these scrubs are. (they are seriously almost so good that I could eat some)

I personally like to use the brown sugar but it’s completely up to you! All flavors are customisable so definitely try and create your own flavors too!

     What you’ll need! 

  1. 1/4 Cup of Sugar (Brown or White)
  2. 1/4 Tbsp of Honey
  3. 1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil

It’s that simple! No harsh chemicals or additives! So you have no excuses 😉


Depending on the Lip scrub you want to make, choose your flavour!

  1. Cinnamon sugar
    Add a pinch of Cinnamon!
  2. Peppermint Rosemary
    Add in chopped fresh Rosemary & A few drops of Peppermint oil 
  3.  Sugar lemonade 
    Simply squeeze in some fresh lemon juice!

These delicious lip scrubs will sit in the fridge for 2 weeks! All you have to do is scrub lightly for soft sugary lips! Also make sure to check out Chriselle’s youtube channel for more!

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